Friends of Ten Mile Creek & Little Seneca Reservoir
    Protecting a clean water resource for the Washington, DC region


Where Does Your
Water Come From?
An Educational Forum

Now up on the MD Sierra blog: 
On December 3, 2017, approximately100 Marylanders gathered for a panel discussion about the impacts of development and stormwater runoff on the public water supply, the implications this has for future water rates, and how we can make growth smart enough to protect our water supply.

Click here for the full text of Scott Fosler's keynote and all the pictures and the livestream, which are on the MD Sierra facebook page.


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The Friends of Black Hill Nature Program 
2018 Native Plant Sale

Thursday, April 26
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Friday, April 27
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Saturday, April 28 | 10 am-3 pm
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Pontoon Boat Ride & Fundraiser
Sunday, May 6th4:00pm

Why are Ten Mile Creek and Little Seneca Reservoir Important?

Ten Mile Creek, located near Clarksburg, Maryland, is one of the healthiest waterways remaining in the entire Chesapeake Bay watershed and supports a greater diversity of aquatic life – insects, salamanders, and fish – than any other stream in Montgomery County. The creek is of such high quality that it is considered a “reference stream” which scientists use as a “measuring rod” to judge the health of other area streams.

Ten Mile Creek is also the cleanest tributary flowing into Little Seneca Reservoir, the closest emergency drinking water supply for 4.3 million people in the Washington, DC area. The reservoir is a critical component of our regional drinking water system and a popular recreational resource for canoeing, kayaking, hiking, picnicking, fishing, bird watching, and other activities.

Why Do the Creek and Reservoir Need Friends?

Despite its importance to our regional water system, the Ten Mile Creek watershed is constantly threatened by development proposals. The Friends of Ten Mile Creek and Little Seneca Reservoir, formed in August 2014, aims to protect this watershed from any further development which would degrade its health and impact the quality of water that flows into Little Seneca Reservoir.

We help citizens from around the region connect to this special place, advocate for its protection, and learn about the importance of the creek and reservoir, both as unique ecological treasures and as integral components of our regional drinking water system.

Through our advocacy and education efforts, we hope to inspire a sense of stewardship for these specific resources, and, together with other local watershed groups, to work to protect all streams and rivers in the Potomac and Chesapeake Bay watersheds. Join us!